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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes, I've been BAD

I have bought 4 new patterns for ME in the past two days. It's Marie's fault... totally and completely. I LIKED the Circles thing. LIKED it, not adored it, so was not having problems resisting. Then Fudgers (that makes it HER fault too) had to show pictures of Maries beaded one. OMG. Ok, so now, I have pattern on the way and have ordered 20,000 garnet colored petite beads from Fire Mountain Gems. I, of course, couldn't JUST order one pattern, had to have the Fantasy Garden too.... and just for good measure, wandered over to the Papillion site and picked up the two I was dying for. Got Years End and decided to do it in beads. Sorta winter thing, deep blue beads and SW Blue Diamonds fabric, with a deep blue metallic or maybe silver for the specialty stitching. Started it last night. I'm glad I started before I ordered beads for Circles, cause after an hours work, I decided that with this many beads, the 28 ct reflections require petites. So... I also ordered the 6000 beads I needed for this one, in Cobalt blue. Gotta frog the beads I put in last night, but I'm sure glad I figured it out before ordering 20,000 of the wrong sized beads. Oh, and of course, since I was ordering, I had to have St Sophia too... dunno if I'll bead it, I'll wait and see what I think of these other two...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Angelaines Antics

**sigh**.... I'm seriously distressed AGAIN. OK, here's the deal. MLI does her charts all on one piece of paper. I can't deal with that. I must have sections. SO, I cut my chart into sections (usually a working copy) and then I use magnets to attach that section to my fabby. The thread list/symbols gets put on my chart holder on the stand, to be seen easily. I have, somehow, LOST the thread/symbol list for Angel of Winter. I have this half done angel and no thread list, no symbols, nothing. Between that, no sleep, being cold, and still no Winter Princess.... well.....**sigh** **whine**

Angelaines Antics

Please tell me...
That NOBODY really expected the List not to change..........

Friday, November 10, 2006

Angelaines Antics


I had such a good plan. I'm gonna be good, I amamamamamam. I will NOT revise the plan. I will stick with it. I will finish Christmas Blessing Angel before I do anything else. I will do my page of Rose Dreams and THEN and ONLY THEN will I start Fenechs Guardian. They are horrible... releaseing the Guardian and having a sale at the SAME TIME. It's just not right....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Angelaines Antics

Angelaines Antics

Ok... I'm working on this reorganizing thing. I have gone through all my stuff and unkitted everything that wasn't on "the list". I now have a ton of thread to put up, but thats another story and another day. I have another close to finish that I'm rekitting, Angel of Winter, cause she is far along and it's just right season for her. I am SERIOUSLY distressed, because the other winter close to being finished I have, Passione Ricamos Winter Beauty Princess, has disappeared. I've gon through everything stitching related that I own and I cannot find her. I'm stressing out over that, and totally unable to concentrate on anything else...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ok, for those of you who asked.. here is my list of things I want to do... now this only includes my "top" four designers. There are a few others, like the four Chats I wanna do and Marbeks Nativity and a LOT of smaller sampler/angels, etc... that are only a week or two to do, but these are the MAJOR ones, that require a good bit of time.

Lavender and Lace
Dance of Roses Celtic Summer * Celtic Winter Celtic Autumn*
Angel of Grace* Angel of Spring Angel of Summer* Angel of Autumn*
Angel of Winter* Blue Moon Angel Peace Angel* World Peace*
Angel of Morning Earth Angel Firefly Fairies

South Seas Mer White Christmas Stargazer Enchanted Mermaid
Petal Fairy* Royal Holiday * Maidens of Season* Cinderella*
Cottage Garden* Queen Mermaid Scent of Roses Deepest Love
Villa Mirabilia Tatiania* Spring Queen Winter Queen*
The Dreamer Sleeping Beauty Garden Verses* Fairy Moon*

Passione Ricamo
Romantic Stitcher* Christmas Blessing* Winter Fairy * Summer Fairy
Garden Elegance* Merry Little xmas Winter Princess* Autumn Fairy*
Once upon a time* Mediterano Dawn, Christmas Spirit
Night * Enchanted Fairy

Heaven and Earth
Vinson- Autumn Innocence* Anderson- Queen of Hearts
Seed- Did heart love* Nocturnal Rhiw Beauty of new Age Venetian Splendor
Flower Bride* On the Banks Enchanted*
Lusk- Destiny’s Muse To Be Free* Flower Goddess* Dances with BFlies*
Daniels- Luna Fairy Queen 2
Ravenscroft- Circle of Seasons Tears of Luna * Garnet*
Fenech- Blossom* Midnight Secrets Sea of Roses*
Wall- Three Graces* Psyches Dream Presence of Gaia
Galbreth- Peace on Earth* Ashwood- Sylph * Rose Dream*
Tso- Tears won’t Fall * Dillwood- Misty Rose*
Roserio- Fire* Tipton- Night*

* already started

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My first attempt

I have a lot to learn about this stuff, I don't have a clue how to do the side links and stuff... but I have been doing some trying.

On the stitching front, I'm doing some serious thinking and reorganizing, Cole cringes anytime I say "I've been thinking".... I have a LOT of non HAED WIPS that I really need to get done. SO, I've done some serious decision making about what I REALLY need to stitch. So I have about 50 non HAED's I wanna stitch and about 40 HAED's. I've now dug several of the Nons out and now have two of them in my newest rendition of the rotation. I'm going to:
1. Finish Passione Ricamos "Christmas Blessing Angel" (figure about a week or so, I've that close)
2. Do a page of HAED probably "Rose Dream" since it is my current obsession, thanks to darlin Beckys finish of the QS.
3. Finish my converted Mirabilia "Cottage Garden Fairy" (figure about a week)
4. Do a page of HAED... open to whatever the current obsession is.
5. Work a week on one of my non Haed's
6. Page of HAED
7. Week of non HAED...
.... etc.. I'm sure you get the point. Maybe that'll last till at least tomorrow. When I learn a little more about this blog thing, I'll post my list of what I wanna do someday, and some links.