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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ok, for those of you who asked.. here is my list of things I want to do... now this only includes my "top" four designers. There are a few others, like the four Chats I wanna do and Marbeks Nativity and a LOT of smaller sampler/angels, etc... that are only a week or two to do, but these are the MAJOR ones, that require a good bit of time.

Lavender and Lace
Dance of Roses Celtic Summer * Celtic Winter Celtic Autumn*
Angel of Grace* Angel of Spring Angel of Summer* Angel of Autumn*
Angel of Winter* Blue Moon Angel Peace Angel* World Peace*
Angel of Morning Earth Angel Firefly Fairies

South Seas Mer White Christmas Stargazer Enchanted Mermaid
Petal Fairy* Royal Holiday * Maidens of Season* Cinderella*
Cottage Garden* Queen Mermaid Scent of Roses Deepest Love
Villa Mirabilia Tatiania* Spring Queen Winter Queen*
The Dreamer Sleeping Beauty Garden Verses* Fairy Moon*

Passione Ricamo
Romantic Stitcher* Christmas Blessing* Winter Fairy * Summer Fairy
Garden Elegance* Merry Little xmas Winter Princess* Autumn Fairy*
Once upon a time* Mediterano Dawn, Christmas Spirit
Night * Enchanted Fairy

Heaven and Earth
Vinson- Autumn Innocence* Anderson- Queen of Hearts
Seed- Did heart love* Nocturnal Rhiw Beauty of new Age Venetian Splendor
Flower Bride* On the Banks Enchanted*
Lusk- Destiny’s Muse To Be Free* Flower Goddess* Dances with BFlies*
Daniels- Luna Fairy Queen 2
Ravenscroft- Circle of Seasons Tears of Luna * Garnet*
Fenech- Blossom* Midnight Secrets Sea of Roses*
Wall- Three Graces* Psyches Dream Presence of Gaia
Galbreth- Peace on Earth* Ashwood- Sylph * Rose Dream*
Tso- Tears won’t Fall * Dillwood- Misty Rose*
Roserio- Fire* Tipton- Night*

* already started


  • At 5:26 PM , Blogger Nicole said...


  • At 5:54 PM , Blogger fudgey said...

    thats a LOT of big charts..
    my list seems quite reasonable next to yours..
    i feel better now...
    and cole stop giggling..
    would loe to see your list...

  • At 7:50 AM , Blogger gabbys_mom21 said...

    Wow, that is one nice list! :)

    I don't feel so bad with the amount of my WIPs after seeing yours :) In fact, it makes me want to start even more, lol.

    Good luck!!



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