Angelaines Antics

My stitching habits... abnormal as they are.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I'll admit, I'm been neglecting this this for a few months. I knew I wouldn't be any good at this. Oh well. We have settled into a good rotation for right now, have stuck with it for a couple months, are at the end and are anxious to start over at the beginning again, so thats a good thing. We have four big slots and one little one. Slot one is TAJ (chatelaine) Slot two is our "other" slot, where we are working on Mira's Crystal Symphony right now. Slot three is our PR, Queen of the Fairies. Slot four is our HAED, Coles is Walk in Ivy and mine is Peacock Fae. I'm about half done with the second page. Our small slot is after we have finished the first four, sort of a reward, we're doing a quick finish, something small that can be finished in a single rotation. I'm going to do one of my Dreams of Stitches season gardens, I don't remember which one. I've already done either Spring or Summer, I'm doing the other one.... just can't remember which one is which. Oh, by the way, did I mention I finished something. Ink Circles, Circles in Dragons Blood on Precious Metals.