Angelaines Antics

My stitching habits... abnormal as they are.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Well, I'll admit, I'm been neglecting this this for a few months. I knew I wouldn't be any good at this. Oh well. We have settled into a good rotation for right now, have stuck with it for a couple months, are at the end and are anxious to start over at the beginning again, so thats a good thing. We have four big slots and one little one. Slot one is TAJ (chatelaine) Slot two is our "other" slot, where we are working on Mira's Crystal Symphony right now. Slot three is our PR, Queen of the Fairies. Slot four is our HAED, Coles is Walk in Ivy and mine is Peacock Fae. I'm about half done with the second page. Our small slot is after we have finished the first four, sort of a reward, we're doing a quick finish, something small that can be finished in a single rotation. I'm going to do one of my Dreams of Stitches season gardens, I don't remember which one. I've already done either Spring or Summer, I'm doing the other one.... just can't remember which one is which. Oh, by the way, did I mention I finished something. Ink Circles, Circles in Dragons Blood on Precious Metals.

Monday, February 05, 2007

No Will Power

Thats me.. none, notta, never. We have changed the rotation AGAIN. What happened? I used to be able to rotate without adjusting for months at a time. I think it must be Cole's fault. That's all I can figure. My Passione Ricamos started screaming. SO, now, we are sticking to our schedule with our HAED's, second weekend Sal for Tears Won't Fall and fourth weekend for Gatekeeper. We have three other pieces in our rotation, Taj Mahal, The Night and Circles. We sorta decided not to decide. We'll try just working on whichever of the three screams loudest for however long it screams, then put it up. Maybe that'll keep us happy more than a day or two...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Revised "LIST"

Ok, You know this has to be redone on occasion.

Rose and Butterfly Quilt, Taj Mahal*, Alpine Seasons*, Rose Lights*, St Petersburg, Misty Morning Vineyard*, The Midi's, Weeping Willow Keep*

Cottage Garden Fairy*, Winter Queen*, Lady of Mist, White Christmas, Enchanted Mermaid, Royal Holiday*, Seasons Maidens*, Cinderella, Queen Mermaid*, Deepest Love, Titania*, Spring Queen, Sleeping Beauty, The Dreamer, Garden Verses*, Fairy Moon*

Dance of Roses, Celtic Summer*, Celtic Autumn*, Celtic Winter, Blue Moon Angel, Winter Angel*, Summer Angel*, Spring Angel, Autumn Angel*, Angel of Grace*, Peace Angel*, World Peace Angel*, Earth Angel, Firefly Faries, Angel of Morning

Passione Ricamos:
Lady of Snows, The Night*, Winter Beauty Princess*, Romantic Stitcher*, Autumn Fairy*, Winter Fairy*, Spring Fairy, Garden Elegance*, Merry Little Christmas, Once upon a Time*, Mediterano, Enchanted Fairy, Dawn, A Christmas Spirit*

Gatekeeper, Sunflower Fairy, Guardian, Queen of Hearts, Midnight Secrets, Three Graces, Phyches Dream, Rose Dreams, Pale Rose, Songflower, Tears Won't Fall, Autumn Innocence, Small Things, To Be Free, Dances With Butterflies, Masks, Venetian Splendor, Beauty of New Age, Rhiw, Did My Heart Love, Fire, Destiny's Muse, Tears of Luna, Fairy Queen 2, Blossom

Now there are a bizzillion QS's wanna do, so not adding them here. For right now..
Lavender Rose Fae *
Pink Rose Fae *
Butterfly Kimono Mermaid

The * are the ones already started...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Angelaines Antics

I should have known
that I would be lousy at keeping up with this. I was never good at obligations. Oh well, least I'm trying. I FOUND my Winter Beauty Princess... was so pleased with myself.

A lovely lady from the HAED board helped me out with Angel of Winters key, so that all good there.

My disaster with the beads and Circles has already been run into the ground, so we won't go there... Polly is now in possesion of the nasty little critters, and I have a couple lovely new patterns, and we're all happy. I redid it in Dragons Blood by Vicki Clayton and am liking what I've done.

Cole and I have our new rotation all set up and going and as of this Friday will be starting our second round...
Week one-- Gatekeeper
Week two (SAL) --- Sunflower Fairy
Week three --- Pale Rose/Songflower Fairy
Week four -- Circles /Chatalaine (Rose Lights for me)

We've done one whole rotation. That is quite an accomplishment for us.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes, I've been BAD

I have bought 4 new patterns for ME in the past two days. It's Marie's fault... totally and completely. I LIKED the Circles thing. LIKED it, not adored it, so was not having problems resisting. Then Fudgers (that makes it HER fault too) had to show pictures of Maries beaded one. OMG. Ok, so now, I have pattern on the way and have ordered 20,000 garnet colored petite beads from Fire Mountain Gems. I, of course, couldn't JUST order one pattern, had to have the Fantasy Garden too.... and just for good measure, wandered over to the Papillion site and picked up the two I was dying for. Got Years End and decided to do it in beads. Sorta winter thing, deep blue beads and SW Blue Diamonds fabric, with a deep blue metallic or maybe silver for the specialty stitching. Started it last night. I'm glad I started before I ordered beads for Circles, cause after an hours work, I decided that with this many beads, the 28 ct reflections require petites. So... I also ordered the 6000 beads I needed for this one, in Cobalt blue. Gotta frog the beads I put in last night, but I'm sure glad I figured it out before ordering 20,000 of the wrong sized beads. Oh, and of course, since I was ordering, I had to have St Sophia too... dunno if I'll bead it, I'll wait and see what I think of these other two...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Angelaines Antics

**sigh**.... I'm seriously distressed AGAIN. OK, here's the deal. MLI does her charts all on one piece of paper. I can't deal with that. I must have sections. SO, I cut my chart into sections (usually a working copy) and then I use magnets to attach that section to my fabby. The thread list/symbols gets put on my chart holder on the stand, to be seen easily. I have, somehow, LOST the thread/symbol list for Angel of Winter. I have this half done angel and no thread list, no symbols, nothing. Between that, no sleep, being cold, and still no Winter Princess.... well.....**sigh** **whine**

Angelaines Antics

Please tell me...
That NOBODY really expected the List not to change..........

Friday, November 10, 2006

Angelaines Antics


I had such a good plan. I'm gonna be good, I amamamamamam. I will NOT revise the plan. I will stick with it. I will finish Christmas Blessing Angel before I do anything else. I will do my page of Rose Dreams and THEN and ONLY THEN will I start Fenechs Guardian. They are horrible... releaseing the Guardian and having a sale at the SAME TIME. It's just not right....