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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Angelaines Antics

**sigh**.... I'm seriously distressed AGAIN. OK, here's the deal. MLI does her charts all on one piece of paper. I can't deal with that. I must have sections. SO, I cut my chart into sections (usually a working copy) and then I use magnets to attach that section to my fabby. The thread list/symbols gets put on my chart holder on the stand, to be seen easily. I have, somehow, LOST the thread/symbol list for Angel of Winter. I have this half done angel and no thread list, no symbols, nothing. Between that, no sleep, being cold, and still no Winter Princess.... well.....**sigh** **whine**


  • At 4:58 PM , Blogger fudgey said...

    i got excited for a moment and went through my MLI collection i was sure i had that one...and i would have sent it to you cos i will never stitch any of my MLI charts... but i didn't have it.
    Can't you email them and askf roa replacement they do something like that if i remember rightly


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