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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes, I've been BAD

I have bought 4 new patterns for ME in the past two days. It's Marie's fault... totally and completely. I LIKED the Circles thing. LIKED it, not adored it, so was not having problems resisting. Then Fudgers (that makes it HER fault too) had to show pictures of Maries beaded one. OMG. Ok, so now, I have pattern on the way and have ordered 20,000 garnet colored petite beads from Fire Mountain Gems. I, of course, couldn't JUST order one pattern, had to have the Fantasy Garden too.... and just for good measure, wandered over to the Papillion site and picked up the two I was dying for. Got Years End and decided to do it in beads. Sorta winter thing, deep blue beads and SW Blue Diamonds fabric, with a deep blue metallic or maybe silver for the specialty stitching. Started it last night. I'm glad I started before I ordered beads for Circles, cause after an hours work, I decided that with this many beads, the 28 ct reflections require petites. So... I also ordered the 6000 beads I needed for this one, in Cobalt blue. Gotta frog the beads I put in last night, but I'm sure glad I figured it out before ordering 20,000 of the wrong sized beads. Oh, and of course, since I was ordering, I had to have St Sophia too... dunno if I'll bead it, I'll wait and see what I think of these other two...


  • At 3:04 AM , Blogger fudgey said...

    you haven't been bad !! you have been down right wicked...
    here i am fighting impulses and urges to buy and start about 5 things RIGHT NOW and you have just gone gang busters, you go girl!!
    i love the ideas you have for your various pieces.. what colour fab for the Cirques??

  • At 7:42 AM , Blogger Angelaine (Lana) said...

    I'm using Precious Metals, so it's a gold opal with the burgandy beads. My bedspread in my room is Burgandy with gold roses, so it should look awesome in there..

  • At 6:22 PM , Blogger fudgey said...

    i love precious Metals, i have some of that in my stash..
    it sounds lovely lana , can't wait to see pics..


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